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Do you know everyone in your family can join and earn every month?

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Those listed in this category are genuine ways to earn money for free.  The sites are all cross checked with the reviews on the web and opinions from existing members who have already received payments.  It is after these procedures, that I myself have signed up with the below free earning sites and have received my payments.

PeopleString is the only income stream that allows you and all your family members to join Free and earn money month after month. 

There is nothing specifically that you have to do or work to earn money with PeopleString.

*   Do you check your emails? - yes

*   Do you play games on the internet? - yes

*   Do you chat with your friends online? - yes

*   Do you socialize on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace? - yes

*   Do you browse the internet for any information that you need? - yes

*   Are you paid for watching an advertisement on the TV or internet? - No

        Now the question is are you paid for all the above list mentioned?   

===  NO, not at all.

Here is where Peoplestring comes into the picture.  PeopleString pays you month after month for doing any or all of the above.

 * *  You also get paid when you receive envelopes in your postbox  --------


How To Make $1500 In PeopleString

Was this video tutorial helpful?  Still not clear?  ok let me brief this once again.

The more points (known as peoplepoints) you earn for the month, the more money you earn.  Also 70% of the Ad Revenue is shared every month with you.

1)  First Set your Homepage to PeopleString.

2)  Login and logout into your PeopleString account daily.  You earn every 6 hours - 10 points.

3)  You can use the Google search bar from here to search for any information if you need.  You earn every 6 hours - 10 points

4) Check email in your peoplestring inbox.  You earn every 6 hours - 10 points.

5) Check your mailbox-cashbox deals   You earn every 6 hours - 10 points.

You would see a small icon like the above when you login into your PeopleString account.  Just clicking this image in your account would earn you points.

6) Window Shopping after logging into your peoplestring account --- You earn every 6 hours - 10points.

7) Refer friends - You earn $0.50 for each person that you refer, earn for any or all the actvities that they do from the list above plus you get the chance to play the Wheel of Fortune or Prize Wheel --- Either win $$$ or points. Check the video below..

8) Win upto 1000 points on People Lotto every 4 hours.

9)  Play the Guess which hand game every half an hour - 30 points 

That makes a total of nearly 9000 plus points for the month just by your works.  You are entitled to earn 70% Ad Revenue every month from these points.

Remember the more points you earn for the current month, the more you earn.

NOTE:  It is not necessary that you do ALL the above mentioned everyday.  Almost everyone on the internet chat with friends on yahoo im, gtalk, msn, aim --- use social networks like facebook, myspace, twitter --- and check emails on yahoo, msn, gmail, aol.  Why not we get paid for these activities too? 

Get your family members to join PeopleString.  So they too could earn an income just like you.

your family members
 (So whatever you do, your family members too earn money)

So have fun, share it with your friends and enjoy earning for the things you do everyday!


Works just like the Wheel of Fortune.  You get a chance to spin the wheel each time you refer a person.  For each spin you earn points or $$$ depending on your luck.

 Here is the Payment Proof .....

The best feature I like in PeopleString is that everyone in your family can join free to earn money.  That is something interesting and not every income stream offers such an opportunity.