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How cool is this tool? Check it for yourself

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Sharing links for your websites and blogs individually to social bookmarking sites is a tedious processI came across a cool tool Socialmarker which allows you to instantly submit your links to 29 social bookmarking sites within few minutes.

If you are wondering what is social bookmarking, it is a method for users on the web to save, organize and share with others, bookmarks for websites that are of interest to them. It makes things easy to acess these sites for future reference and share links quickly to a group of people or certain networks like digg, facebook, twitter and so on.

Socialmarker is a free online tool and nothing to download.  Imagine the no. of backlinks that you can get quickly on submitting your links on most popular social bookmarking sites.  Your links get  indexed very fast by google and other search engines as well.

This video shows you how to use Socialmarker online tool.

You can also create a submission bookmarklet with Socialmarker for all your future posts in your blogs or websites with a simple quick action.


Just as how I have added socialmarker button above on this post, you could do the same by copying the code to your website or blog.  The code is provided at the bottom of the homepage on socialmarker website.