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Purpose of using RSS Feeds for your daily online activities

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Have you wondered what is this icon seen on blogs and websites and what purpose does it serve? 

Well, it is the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed icon that provide updates for published works on blogs, news, videos and websitesOn clicking this icon, you are subscribed to that particular blog or website that you are interested in getting updated information.

An RSS feed is like a channel that provides a summarized text with a link to each of your favorite site.  So instead of wasting time going to each website to get updates, subscribing to these sites saves your valuable time.

If you have a gmail id, you can check all your favorite websites and blogs at one place with the help of Google Reader.  For website and blog owners, to create your RSS feeds, the best recommended is Google Feedburner

Having an RSS feed on your website or blog helps to build up backlinks and traffic tremendously, if your content is updated regularly.  Search Engines like google crawls RSS feeds to get fresh webpages, there by increasing your rankings and help your website or blog to get indexed faster.