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A popular site for writers to earn a regular income

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It is waste of time, spending hours and hours on writing websites where you are not paid well for your works as a writer.  Though there are a great list of sites, it is advisable to concentrate on a handful of top writing websites where you can earn a substantial income month after month.

One of the advantages of being a freelance writer is that you earn an ongoing income for all your past works even years later.  You can take a break for a year or two, but still the income keeps pouring into your bank account.  Initially, you may not earn much but gradually as your articles keep growing in numbers with unique content and quality, you would notice the steep growth in your income.

Tips for writers :

*   Make it a practice to atleast write one or two articles daily.

*   Do not depend merely on a particular writing website for your income.  Instead, post regularly on a handful of top writing websites.

*   Write unique and interesting content on different subjects for your readers.

*   Provide valuable comments on the works of other members. 

*   Last but not the least, write with a passion and not for mere monetary benefits.  For this you need to read and research a lot to gain good knowledge on those subjects.

I would like to recommend Triond - one of the top article websites that I regularly post my works. 

A unique feature of Triond is that all your works are published on many other relevant sites.  Thus you get more readers and earn more income. 

This is a feature which I have never come across on other writing websites.  Watch this video to understand more, how Triond can help you to publish your works and earn an income.