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Purpose and Tips to improve Alexa Ranking

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Alexa rank is a method to calculate the number of visitors who visit your website or blog and  to determine the worth of a site for linking purpose.  These visitors could be advertisers, ad networks, webmasters, any interested business person or internet users looking out for quality content and educating info on your website.  A site with a high Alexa ranking helps visitors to track its popularity and eventually build a link with them on their website.   Linking high page ranking sites that are similar to your business is important to increase your website traffic and get solid prospects.  There are many methods adopted in linking sites through banners, widgets, blogs,  forums, articles and various other seo methods.

For Alexa ranking the ranking is calculated in the descending order.  

For example, on Alexa ranking toolbar if website A shows ranking as 8 and website B shows ranking as 2, then it is website B that would be considered with a ranking higher on Alexa.  Whereas for google page ranking it is the other way round.   If a website has a page ranking 8 out of 10, that site is considered with a high google page rank.

Few tips to improve the Alexa Ranking of your website

  • Install the Alexa tool bar on your browser.  For Firefox users, you can find the toolbar in the addon menu.
  • Embed the Alexa rank widget on your website or blog.  Each time a  visitor clicks on the widget it would be counted as a visit. 
  • Educate your users and customers about the importance of using Alexa ranking toolbar for their websites and blogs.  The next time they visit your site, this would in turn highly contribute to your website alexa ranking.
  •  Link your website or blog with quality and high page rank sites targeting your business.  Most webmasters and affiliate networks would have already installed the toolbar and this would again help to increase your site rating.
  •  Post articles about the use of Alexa ranking on popular article sites with a link to your website in the resource box.

Following these tips, your website ranking would steadily increase over time.