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Purpose of using Kindle

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Out of curiousity, I was checking out the in-depth features of  using electronic readers. I don't have a great collection of books, nor am I a regular reader.  But this device is quiet useful for bibliophile or people who love reading a lot.  Instead of stuffing your bookshelves and occupying your room space piled with books, using an ebook device like Kindle would be a smart decision. 

The earlier versions were pretty good, but the new kindle has remarkable features with more memory, dictionary lookup and use E-ink technology that makes reading more comfortable.  On Kindle, you can store upto 3500 books and it can be downloaded easily within seconds.  It comes with a free 3G wireless and an additional built-in wi-fi, thus you can use the device from any part of the world.

I liked the cute sleek white Kindle better than the black model.  Most traditional books are now converted to ebooks and it is quiet cheaper than the original printed books.  So you can upload them easily to your kindle for future reading.