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How to restore your computer to an earlier date

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System Restore is a unique feature found on Windows XP.  Incase, some error occurred or you made some changes to your computer system which you cannot undo, the system can be restored to an earlier date called restore point.  Though, you would not lose any of your recent works, saved documents and favorites.  It will also help you to avoid unnecessary expenses incurred for servicing your computer.

Here are the steps:
  1. Click on Start, select All Programs --- Accessories --- System Tools --- System Restore.
  2. You would see a screen like the below.

    2.  Radio button by default is provided as Restore my computer to an earlier time

    3. Click Next. In the next window it provides the calendar which helps you to select a date for the  restore point.

    4.  Again click Next and you are taken to another window which request your Confirmation.

    5.  Follow the instructions carefully and your system gets restored to a previous date, as you have mentioned.

    Once it is done, your computer is now ready to function normally.