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The best of cool Iphone Apps for business

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There is a great list out there for Iphone Apps and it is confusing to know which is the best.   I have compiled a short list for some of the very best apps, that would be useful for your day to day business activities.  I believe people would feel comfortable to work on these cool Iphone Apps, as they are easy to use.

You can now finally, track the traffic to your websites and blogs on your Iphone with Analytics App.  It supports multiple accounts and websites with detailed report of your visitors and traffic to your site.  With Analytics app, you can get a quick overview report , a detailed report  and a report according to the date, week or month specified.

Practically, everybody who has a website and blog would love to own Analytics App as it is a very addictive app for your business.

With Evernote iPhone, you could create notes, snap photos to remember notes and a voice recording feature for your memos.  You can access these notes later any time from your iPhone, computer or the web.  It works on iPhone OS 3.1.2 version or later.

Interesting to watch how Evernote works.  Excellent App!

Springnote is an alternative for Evernote.  Both are equally good and is a choice for users. Sometimes we come up with ideas while we are travelling or when we are held up at a  shopping mall.  It is a good practice to jot down few notes for future reference.  With Springnote you can create notes online and  if necessary, share them with friends and co-workers.  Notes are automatically saved and can be viewed offline. 

 The is a multi-tasking app which allow you --
  • To easily view, access and share any files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, images and Box Web Documents on your iPhone.
  • Files that are saved to your Iphone can be accessed offline.
  • Help you to monitor updates on your Iphone as and when a file has been updated, downloaded, uploaded and comments on files are added or replied.
                         Sample 1                                  Sample 2                         

                         Sample 3                                        Sample 4

Meetifyr is a calendar where you can share it with friends to find a convenient time to meet up.  There is no sign-up required to create this shared calendar.  Just create the calendar with your availability, location and send the link around to friends.

Though Meetifyr calendar is used to meet up with friends, you can use it to for scheduling your business meetings as well.

This is a simple online time and invoicing tracking app that help to keep your times organised by clients, projects and tasks in the most efficient manner.  There is nothing to be installed and it has a user-friendly interface.  All that's required is to load MakeSomeTime in your iPhone's browser and use it in the way you work.


HiTask is a task management tool, with the main feature users can access this app on any mobile phone.  It helps you to maintain your personal to-do lists, track Log hours, share, delegate tasks for projects and track their progress.  With a simple drag-n-drop option, it allows you to organize your team and projects.

You can use HiTask both for your personal and business purpose with the option of keeping confidential information private.

When we visit a place for the first time, we hardly have an idea about the new locationEarthcomber is a cool and fun app to find businesses, friends and fun spots in the current location.  Once you arrive at a new place, on your Iphone tap “Set My Location Here” and it would also let your friends who use Earthcomber, know where you are.