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Your website and blog seen by millions on their browser

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What can this little toolbar do for you?  Conduit can bring you tons of traffic as your website or blog is placed on the browser of users in the form of a small  app or toolbar.  Users all over the world can access your website tools, even if they don't download your customised toolbar. Thus visitors automatically  become your website or blog subscribers.

Lets take an example for the below customized toolbar

You can have a similar or your customized toolbar with an icon for each of your popular website products, rss feed, offers, gadgets and much more.  This can be shared with your friends, employees, business partners,  customers and do promote your toolbar.  Each time your website or blog content is updated, this would automatically reflect on your users toolbar.  There is an alert option   where a small screen would appear on your users computer, as and when your website is updated or when you need to convey an important message or offers to your toolbar users In this way there is a constant contact with your users and visitors round the globe.  
Now for users who do not want to install your toolbar, but at the same time they are interested in your website content and offers,  there is another option.  You can create a branded customized app with your website content and share it in the conduit marketplace.   Having an icon of your website on users browser, will attract and remind them to check your website updates regularly.

 Like this....

On clicking the Add button on conduit marketplace, the youtube app automatically gets added to the user browser.   Same way, create your website app and share it on conduit platform to get loads of traffic.

Conduit have a ranking of PR 8 on google with 250,000 publishers, 170 million users and new users every minute worldwide.  Thats a lot of traffic to your website once you share your toolbar and apps on this excellent user friendly platform.

Any number of apps can be created.  For this, you do not need any technical knowledge.  It is all done for you at conduit.  To enhance your customized toolbar, you can add apps that you feel users would be interested .  Apps like world radio,  popular videos, world clock, free games, weather and similar sites.
In a nutshell with Conduit your website would have:
  • More exposure and traffic by millions of users worldwide.
  • Helps to create brand awareness.
  • A huge high ranking platform to promote your products easily.
  • Build up constant contact with customers and users.
  • Every updated content of your website is seen right away on the desktop of users, attracting them to peep into your site.
  • Once users are addicted to your website content and products, they would be your return visitors.
  • Alert message when you need to convey a message or offers to your users immediately.

    NOTE:  Just an update, many of you are familiar with Wibiya, a web application platform.  It is now taken over by Conduit for $45 million, according to an article that I read on techcrunch.