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What to do when your optical mouse gets stuck

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Last week, all of a sudden my optical mouse stopped working and it would get stuck somewhere on my pc screen.  Usually, this could be due to a mouse driver issue or due to low memory.  So I deleted some of my old files and closed all the browsers that I was working on.  But that was not a solution at all.   Having no clue what to do, I tried to clean the mouse myself.

This is what I did...

  • Take a damp soft cloth and first wipe the outer surface of your mouse.  Then clean it  again with a dry cloth.
  • Now open your optical mouse with a screw driver.
  • Tap of the dust gently with a clean white tissue paper or a soft brush.
  • Once done, close the case cover of the mouse.
  • Reboot your system.  
To my surprise it worked and the problem was not due to a faulty mouse driver or low memory.  Remember to also clean your mouse pad or the surface that you use the mouse with a cloth.  Or else, the dust particles on the surface would again get accumulated back to your mouse.