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How to check a website/blog is dofollow or nofollow

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For newbies in internet marketing, this subject would be something new to them.  But some of us are still confused whether search engines do crawl, nofollow websites and blogs.

What is NoFollow ?

It is an attribute that is added to websites and blogs, instructing search engines not to follow the links on that site.  This helps to avoid spammers from getting credits  by a way of linking their site with nofollow websites, inorder to get crawled by search engines.

For example, if your html link is as follows:

Once your website or blog is coded in the above format, visitors who post a link on your site, would never be crawled by search engine robots.

So what could then be the benefit of posting your link on a nofollow site?

It is merely to get organic traffic to your site, when a visitor clicks your link on nofollow websites. But your link will never be spotted by search engine crawlers. So for that reason, posting comments on nofollow blog and article sites would be helpful.

How do we trace whether a website or blog is nofollow?

Seo professionals, this shouldn't be a problem.  They are able to figure out the nofollow html codes placed on the links of that site, when they check the source page of the website.

For non-techies, if you are using Firefox browser, there is a plugin in Tools - Add ons to check NoDoFollow sites.  On adding this plugin to your browser, each time you visit a site, it  would highlight the links which are DoFollow and NoFollow.  Those links highlighted in Pink are NoFollow and those with Blue are DoFollow.


So if you notice a link in the comment already posted by members on a blog, it would be now much easier to trace out whether it is a DoFollow or NoFollow Blog from the color of the link.   When you post a comment on a blog, there is an option to enter your name and website link.  In the image above, you would notice it is a nofollow comment as the link is highlighted in red.

It now makes sense for posting comments on nofollow sites, though it does not contribute to increase rankings on search engines.