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Maximize your website or blog revenue

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Many of us are aware how to monetize our website and blog with google adsense. There are webmasters and bloggers who are earning a decent income with adsense by adopting effective marketing strategies.  So what if you could still double these earnings with another almost similar adsense site?

Chitika helps you to display both targeted and non-targeted advertising on your websites and blogs.  You can display Chitika non-contextual Ads on the same page, where your google adsense ads are displayed.  By default, Chitika Ads are displayed as non-contextual, when you sign up for a Chitika account. Whereas, Google adsense would only display Contextual Ads or targeted Ads related to the content of the page.  For this reason, both Chitika and Google Adsense Ads are compatible.

Now if you do not use Google Adsense, and if you want Targeted Ads displayed by Chitika on your website or blog, follow the below steps:
  1. Login to your Chitika Account
  2. Click My Account tab
  3. Towards the end of the page, you would see Chitika | Select Settings
  4. Select the box which mentions Only show ads targeted to search and not select users.
  5.  Click Save Account Information

Both Chitika and Google Adsense are competitive in one aspect or the other.  Chitika could be a good alternative for  those who have been denied of their google adsense account.  If you have a reasonable traffic to your site or blog, Chitika could maximize your site revenue.