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6 Tips to find new blogging ideas in your niche

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At times, we feel completely lost for topics to blog about and on certain days we are filled with many ideas.  This happens to most of us, however experienced we are in our niche.

Here are 6 tips to get those ideas quickly blogged:
  • Use google keywords tool or any other keyword tools that you work on, to find the most popular keywords according to your niche.  This would in turn increase  traffic to your blog postings, due to the popularity related to those keywords on search engines. But  ensure that you never stuff your blog post with keywords.
  • Jot down those blogging ideas on to a scribbling pad or notebook file and on to a cell phone or ipad when you are on the move.
  • Read blogs and articles with similar interest.  You get quiet a lot of ideas while doing so.  But don't forget to note it down or at least bookmark the site for future reference.
  • Another popular way to get ideas, is when you read comments on blog posts of yours and other members. In many useful comments, you would have noticed visitors asking queries or giving suggestions regarding a subject.  Make use of them for your next blog posting.
  • When I get bored sitting in front of the computer for long hours, I either switch on the TV or read the newspaper. But my subconscious mind is still working to explore new and fresh ideas for my writings and blogs.  Once I spot them, I immediately jot them down.
  • Many of us spend a lot of time on social networks.  Wouldn't that be a great place to get ideas for your blogging?  Indeed it has been very helpful to me, in finding new topics for blogging as well for writing articles.
You wouldn't run short of fresh blogging topics, if you follow one or more of the above tips.  I hope this helps in making your blogging experience more lively and enjoyable.