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How to find dofollow sites quickly

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It is a process to check out for dofollow blogs and websites for the purpose of backlinking, even with available backlink checker tools on the web.

I found a quicker way to do it, that hardly consumes  much time.  Within 15 minutes, you can post your comments to nearly 10 - 20 sites. 

Quick Tips 
  • On any search engine, check out for blogs or websites according to your niche like mlm, network marketing, entrepreneur coaching and so on.
  • Click any of those sites and once you are on the page, you would notice the below figures on your seo toolbar.
  •  These figures are mainly rankings for alexa, google, yahoo, bing, no. of backlinks to the particular site that you are currently viewing, etc.
  •  Click the icon on the seo toolbar that shows backlinks for google as shown in the image above.
  •  You would get a list of sites, that are linking back to the website you are browsing.
  • Now go do your job to post comments on those blogs and websites, to create quick backlinks to your website as well.
Do this on a routine every day and you would be able to create a number of backlinks to your site quickly with amazing results.