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How to make use of Windows Live Writer for blogging

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Windows Live Writer helps publishing your blog to any blogging platforms quickly with many cool features.  Use Live Writer to create your blog post and then publish them on WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, Blogger and Telligent Community (previously known as Community Server).

For instance, you created a blog post for wordpress and now you want the same post  to be published on another blogging platform. You can quickly post it through live writer  to typepad, blogger or livejournal.  You can even create  blog entries offline, once the live writer is downloaded to your desktop.  This is useful for bloggers  and writers with limited internet usage.

One of the best features is that the Live writer comes with a number of cool plugins to enhance your blog.  Simply download the Insert Video plugin and you can easily add videos from various sites like MSN SoapBox, YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo, MySpace Video, Video, muveeMix, and BrightCove.  Once the plugin is downloaded, copy and paste the video link from any of these video sites to your blog entry and the video plugin would ensure rest of the work is done.

Another cool feature is that you can edit and add effects to your images right from your blog.  Normally, you have to do this on your photo editing software.

This is just few among the lot and there is much more that you can do by using live writer.  It is recommended to writers and bloggers to make the best use of this tool.  Actually, this was suggested by one of my friends on a business network.  I'm just checking out these features and still in the process.