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How to protect your affiliate links from theft

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Are you aware that your affiliate earnings are being stolen? Someone else is enjoying the commissions for all the work you do, in promoting your affiliate business.  But how does this happen?

Affiliate marketing is a method adopted in marketing the products and services of another company, where in turn you are rewarded a compensation for your efforts.  Once you sign up as an affiliate for a company, you are provided a link with your affiliate code in it.

For example:

Your affiliate link would look something like the one below.

It is this link that you have to promote inorder to get  business for the company.  Each time a visitor sign up or purchase the products through your affiliate link, the company rewards you a percentage of the affiliate commissions.

But here arise the problem.  Visitors are more smart and savvy these days, that they remove your affiliate id on the link and try to enter the company website directly. With reference to the link above, visitors would erase ?afid=23456 on the link and sign up directly through  

This way you could lose your affiliate commissions, when visitors sign up directly on the website.  There are even softwares that track and rewrite your affiliate code as theirs and ultimately enjoying your commissions.

So to protect your affiliate commissions from theft, it is advisable to use a link cloaker or better still to make the best use of redirection or forward domain that would mask your affiliate links.  When you purchase a domain, you  normally get this facility to forward domain either for directing visitors to another website or for masking your site.   This don't need any technical knowledge and using the redirection option is search engine friendly.

Forward domain through the web hosting site is one of the simplest redirection methods, but if you are a bit techy, you can follow the instructions in the video with another option for masking your affiliate links.