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Benefits of having quality twitter followers

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Having just a bunch of twitter followers who are interested to read your tweets, is equal to having millions of fans on facebook.  You are already aware how this happen. Each time you tweet and if it is interesting your followers would retweet your post.

I came across a very interesting post on SERPd - a community meant for SEO and Internet Marketing Professionals to learn and share.   It was all about a blogger, who got 150 retweets and it still keeps adding on.... just with a single post.   Imagine the no. of impressions, he would have got for his blog.  Most of the retweets he got through were by two dynamic tweeters, who kept the ball rolling.  It was a total of over 1,031,775 impressions on Twitter, where 508,962 impressions was from just one of those super charged tweeter itself. 

From the above stats, it is clear about the importance of connecting with quality twitter followers. This would benefit your business a lot and you would even gradually notice the increase in the number of followers each day.  It is always advisable to connect with people who share the same interest.  Maybe, you would even be lucky enough to have one or more connectors, as they are called, to get your message across the web.

So how would you track, who were those tweeters that added value to your tweet? 

You can either check the stats by using the retweet button shown on your twitter page or use BackType now acquired by twitter.  Tweetreach is another popular twitter stats tracking site, if you need more details in depth with graphs, charts and so on.  Now retweeting interesting tweets is equally important.  That is only if you find the tweet useful for those in your twitter circle.  

Obviously, you would be curious to check out the profile of the person, who retweeted your tweets.  If they are tweeters who share the same interest as yours, add them to your list of followers or at least return the favor by retweeting their tweets.

Grateful to Tristan, who brought this very helpful topic to our attention on SERPd (mentioned at the beginning of this post).  I'm glad to be a part of this seo community that is a real resource mine.